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Agent is a programmable set of services using ActiveX technology. Microsoft refers to this as, conversational interfaces, that leverages natural aspects of human social communication. In other words, it is possible to use characters as interactive assistants to introduce, guide, entertain, or otherwise enhance Web pages or applications in addition to the conventional use of windows, menus, and controls.

What I have done here was purely for fun. But the possibilities of using this technology affects many more important areas of our lives. Agent can be used in computer assisted instruction and in assisting the blind, to name just a couple. Its' uses arelimited only by our own creativeness.

If you would like to install MS Agent on your computer, I have the MS Agent Homepage link listed below. There are already many other websites that are putting this technology to use in even better ways than I have done here. I've included the "official" MS Agent WebRing link below, so that you can easily visit them.

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